5 Blogs For £99 Offer

Adding a blog section to your website is one of the very best ways to improve its performance and improve your sales.

Adding blog posts regularly is thought to be one of the best methods of SEO (search engine optimisation). It makes your site more look more alive, and more useful – persuading visitors to keep coming back, and increasing the chances they’ll buy. A blog can also help your website gain an advantage over your competition .

My blog post writing service will not only write your blog posts, but will come up with ideas for original, interesting, engaging posts that will add real value to your business.

Offer: Five blog posts, 250-400 words each, at just £99 for five excl. VAT. (Further posts, if you decide to re-order, may be more or less depending on what’s involved.)

To order your first five blog posts just drop me an email.