Which of these 14 great content marketing ideas have you missed?

It’s simple to get started making use of content marketing on your website, in theory at least. Just start by adding as much new content as possible! By adding as much content as possible to your website you can maximise the chances that it will be found in online searches. And you’ll maximise the chances that visitors will come back again and again to find the new information they want …. and ultimately to buy.

You can probably see …. 50 pages of content are much more likely to attract visitors and engage with them than 5 pages. 100 pages are much better than 10 pages and so on. Useful and interesting articles around your product/service area are much more likely to be found and read than basic product descriptions.

In some ways, content marketing is a numbers game.

That doesn’t mean that quality and relevance aren’t important of course.

So what kinds of content marketing are actually available to you?

There are probably more kinds of content marketing than you think.

Useful and interesting articles around your product/service area are much more likely to be found and read than basic product descriptions.

And avoid those samey blog posts. A blog post wishing everyone a good weekend (yes, admit it, you know you’ve resorted to that sometimes) won’t get your site to the top of the rankings!

Here are 14 different ideas for quick, simple types of content marketing you can use:

* Rich product and service information
* Rich business information
* Articles
* Features
* News
* Press releases
* Editorial columns
* Reviews
* Surveys
* Reports
* Blog posts
* FAQ’s and information pages
* Free giveaways, such as manuals and ebooks
* Photo and video content

Tips and tricks :

* Add new content gradually, rather than all at once – to gain maximum benefit from your new content. Devise a regular programme for adding content.

* Add content regularly where appropriate. Such as weekly or even daily. This is a good way of keeping visitors coming back.

* Think quality and quantity.

* Make sure a majority of the content is unique to you, rather than taken from other sources. This is more popular with search engines and with visitors.

* Make sure your content is genuinely useful to visitors. Keyword rich content designed to appeal to search engines isn’t guaranteed to work and will turn off human visitors.

* Link to other sites and content on other sites liberally.

* Make it easy for visitors to share some of your content, with their contacts or with other sites – and into social media.

* If your new content is mobile-friendly, all the better.

* Review and update/remove old/existing content periodically – this also helps with search engine optimisation.

More info. and advice: I have extensive experience of content writing, stretching back over a decade. I can devise ideas for types of content that will work well on your site and which should boost your traffic month after month. I can write just about any type of website content you might ever need. Drop me an email at mark @ markhempshell.com